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Photographer. Creative Director. Artist.


These all are titles I hold and that are very dear to me. I'm not the kind of photographer to limit myself to only doing portraits, or only doing events. I'm the kind of photographer that will take on almost any challenge, especially if it's creative and artistic. Whether it's in the studio or on location, I always try to add a little "edge" to anything I do. My portfolio shows a broad spectrum of genres within photography and I hope you'e able to see that.


To understand what a Creative Director does, take a look at any professional modeling picture or celebrity photo-shoot. Someone had to create the visual or concept for the shoot. Someone had to figure out the look for the hair, makeup, and wardrobe. That's what a Creative Director does, and through my photography that's what I have been able to do. For most of my work, I have doubled as the photographer and Creative Director. Although my visions are sometimes edgy and controversial, they are always visually creative. I'm available for that service if needed as well.


Of all the titles I hold, being an artist is most true and dear to me. Photography has allowed me express myself in ways I could never imagine. I have had the opportunities to present my artwork at showcases and other events. All of my images, especially my scenic & street images are available for purchase with and without framing. My pictures are available in a variety of print options (premium photo paper, canvas, metal sheets) and sizes. If you're looking for some extra artwork to add to your home or office, contact me with any questions or inquiries..



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