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Catkim Industries
CATKIM INDUSTRIES, located in the DC metropolitian area - services artist, entertainers and models to edgy startups and established businesses, nationally. Their services specialize in offering creative marketing campaigns that suit a complete range of advertising, media, communications, graphic production, website development, special events, social media and video production. 
Whether your brand needs an identity, consistent social media messaging that will influence consumers to follow; a redesigned website to attract fresh eyes; trending publicity; printed promotional pieces or advertising; produce  and launch events and shows that will create lasting impressions; or a combination of all this and more, CATKIM INDUSTRIES committes and delivers.
Amor Kismet​​

Shooting with Amor Kismet was fun. They're the next up and coming girl group coming out of Atlanta, GA. I got the opportunity to shoot them while they were in LA during the BET Awards weekend. Erika, LJ, and Crystal are all adorable and beautiful ladies inside and outside, and they're pretty talented too! Make sure you remember their faces because soon they'll be everywhere..

Moments with Danell​​

Danell Jones was truly inspiring to shoot and work with. Every once in a while somebody will recommend a model for me to shoot, and usually I decline and tell them to just book a session.. but when I seen pics of Danell, she had something "different" going on. I loved how involved she was into the yoga lifestyle (it reflected in her posing) and I loved her untraditional look. We definitely shot with next to no budget, but with a little creativity I believe I got some nice dope natural shots.. Enjoy!

The Roof​​

Singer and actor Deonte Smith is originally from Paso Robles, CA, but now resides in Los Angeles. In his spare time from following his dreams, he models as well. Already being a fan of his music, I wanted to capture his modeleque essence with Los Angeles as his scenic backdrop from the rooftop in North Hollywood. Many things comes natural to Deonte, and singing, acting, and modeling are just a few..

Click here to check out his music as well!

The Art​​

Originally I wanted to do an editorial shoot focusing on the art of nudity and tattoos. Ultimately I decided to focus the attention on the art of tattoos and the human body itself. Tamara isn't a model at all (in her words), but she definitely isn't afraid of the camera either! I had my personal tattoo artist and one of my closest friends assist in the shoot as well. Hope you enjoy!

Detroit to LA 3

Part 3 of my 1st photoshoot in Los Angeles took part in Malibu, more specifically Malibu Beach! It was all of us 1st time in Malibu and also my 1st time at a California beach. The scenery alone was worth it. Check out the final edits..

Detroit to LA 2

Part 2 of my 1st photoshoot in Los Angeles took part in DTLA. I like to think I stop traffic wherever I go with my models, and that's exacly what we did. 

Detroit to LA

My 1st photo-shoot in Los Angeles, CA just happened to be with two Detroit, MI natives. Up & coming model Bryant Coleman flew in from home to team up with model/actor/host Gary Lavard, who now lives in LA. This is only part 1 of our 2 day shoot. Stay tuned for the shots taken in Downtown LA and Malibu Beach!!


As soon as I relocated to Los Angeles, CA I was eager to start shooting. I was determined to get out, be seen, and start networking again. Within a week I managed to book my 1st gig shooting at the popular Kiss-n-Grind party at Club Arena. The special guest DJ was none other than the "Diabolical" Biz Markie. It was definitely the place to be at that night. I met a lot of great people and managed to network with a few others as well.

The Styyles Chronicles
I was very humbled and honored when I was asked to be a featured guest on The Styyle Chronices "Art of Design" special. I've never been on the radio before so I knew this would be a fun and interesting experience. I loved how the whole show was about art and the different elements of it. I got to get a little personal into my creative and thought process. Watch the video and make sure you check out Teronce Styyles on If you just want to see my portion of the interview, skip to the 54:00 minute mark. Enjoy!
When host Ronald Byrd asked me to be a guest on his urban style and fashion show "Style Speaks",​ I must admit I was a little nervous at first. It had been years since I been on tv and I wasn't too pleased with how I came across in my RAWartists video. However, I had a lot of fun doing this interview. I got to talk more about my photography, my sense of style, and my future plans in life. Check out the video and peep out the camera lens mug one of my clients got me.. Also check out and see how my hometown Washington, D.C. does style!
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